Speed trap - Misgund Interchange (a.k.a dead mans bend)


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Jul 2, 2005
Got the following piece of info in an email, which could be useful for anybody travelling on the N12 west, just after the N1S/N12W split:
Our fine Metro police department have decided that they work too hard and have camped out at "Dead Mans Bend" so if you receive a fine in the post with a picture of your car and the fine states that you had exceeded the speed limit of 80KM/H at the "N1 SOUTH AT/BY N12 WEST SPLIT (MISGUND INTERCHANGE) "

It is the road leading out of the bend if you are returning from the city. If you look at the signs when entering the bend it shows 80KM/H and this speed is in force until about 300m after the bend, it is during this 300m stretch that they nail you at the cost of the fine is R500 for every 30km above the limit. If you glance at the hill behind you between the two roads when leaving the bend you will notice the nice camp Metro has put up, complete with camping chairs. Most people can't even notice when looking in their rear-view mirror because they are so well concealed.

Now this is the same spot where an officer was shot dead in a story posted last month(?), however they're still making a fortune off unsuspecting motorists. The camera is set up within 400m of the 80km/h sign, which to the best of my knowledge is illegal. Is there anybody who knows whether or not it is in fact legal for them to set up a camera within 400m of a speed sign?


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Aug 18, 2006
I thought it shouldn't be under 100m. :confused:

Is this on your way to Potch?
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Nov 13, 2007
Misgund Speed Trap

I'm still unsure where this is. I got caught doing 71km in a 60km zone here!