Starlink launches global roaming - but no good news for South Africans


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May 24, 2010
Starlink rolling out global roaming service — with more bad news for South Africa

Starlink has started offering a "Global Roaming Service" to customers in countries where its satellite broadband connectivity has received regulatory approval but is not yet available.

Users on a Reddit forum posted about an email inviting customers with pre-orders in some locations where Starlink is not yet live to try out the service.
Palms have to be greased before regulatory approval will be provided. South Africa probably now the worst of the African countries.
sure equatorial guinea is worse, where the presidents slush fund is directly connected to the taxes earned.
also, remember how long Skype was illegal in SA because Telkom outlawed it.
same with whatsapp calling, how the mobile operators fought tooth and nail to outlaw it.

were a nation that hates competition and better ideas.
As far as corruption goes in Africa, we're around the middle .

But from the Previous to the Last, we got worse :(

Benin, Ghana, Senegal all improved ...