Starlink tip of the spear for satellite broadband boom in South Africa - Q-KON

Wonder if there might be portable hand-held radio's as well in the future. Similar to the old Satellite phones, but less dependent on the steep subscription fees currently in place.

So you get a Starlink Home connection, and a handset as a VAS which can use the same subscription, would be great for travelling, hiking etc.

Something in the pipeline..

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If you pay a company in the USA, nothing can stop me doing so! In the days before Apple was active in South Afiica, we bought vouchers over the internet. We can do the same for Starlink
The ITU does *not* allocate spectrum to service providers. Only ICASA in SA has the power to award spectrum licences for SA (except for spectrum it has designated as licence-exempt(.
Starlink's arrival in South Africa is just the beginning of satellite Internet boom

The hype around SpaceX's Starlink is signalling the beginning of a period of significant growth for several low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite Internet providers coming to South Africa.

That is according to Q-KON Africa Group CEO and chief engineer at the Twoobii satellite broadband service, Dawie De Wet.