Ster-Kinekor has a bright future in SA — CEO

Hanno Labuschagne

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Sep 2, 2019
Ster-Kinekor has a bright future in SA — CEO

Ster-Kinekor CEO Mark Sardi believes cinema has a bright future in South Africa despite headwinds like the popularity of streaming services, load-shedding, and the effect of the Hollywood actor's strike.

In an interview with 702, Sardi explained that load-shedding impacts Ster-Kinerkor's operations and can also disincentivise South Africans from visiting movie theatres.
Sure Jan GIF
only if you believe you can charge people rip off prices, for no service, because you fired most of the Cinema staff.
to replace them with AI or robots.
Yeah, sure it does. Like PnP. Like Shell. Like Anglo-Gold.
Some of the cinema closures mentioned may have been inevitable regardless. Sterland (PTA) used to be in the middle of an area with a very vibrant night life. A lot less so these days. Not that the area around it has deteriorated, but people don't go that way anymore for a night out.
Is that why they are closing cinemas. Or are they switching to bright LED's.
ffs...then they thriving..then they they have a bright future...make up your damn mind...
Yes I know I poked a bit of fun at the CEO earlier...

Cinema does have a "bright" future in SA, but it needs some significant reimagining to stay relevant. Gone are the days where it was just a random night out or a thing you did with mates to pass some time.

I'd hazard a guess Cinema's need to have fewer and better screens/theaters... and to also focus on the big block buster movies rather than the marginal ones. Make going to a movie a proper event worthy of the price they're charging these days.