Stop your airtime from disappearing now - Block all WASPs

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Mar 2, 2016
Stop your airtime from disappearing now - Block all WASPs

An MTN subscriber recently contacted MyBroadband after struggling to get the mobile operator to unsubscribe them from a wireless application service provider (WASP) that was billing them.

The MTN client said they had not authorised the subscription to the premium content service they were being billed for.
Why can't MTN just have one number?

On another note, when listening to voice mail, MTN insists on reading my own number to me for ever message. Very irritating
The Cell C *133*1# doesn't work for me - I get on my my iPhoneX "Processing abort" If I do it again I get "Error performing request,Unknown Error"

Any ideas?
The Cell C *133*1# doesn't work for me - I get on my my iPhoneX "Processing abort" If I do it again I get "Error performing request,Unknown Error"

Any ideas?
Works fine on Android
Since the end of 2013, all South Africa’s mobile network operators use a double opt-in system for WASPs.
MTN has no double opt-in. My wife was subscribe without a second opt-in. This was in the middle of the night so I also call b.s.on click jacking.

MTN needs to explain:
  1. How a click jacking attack works as Android phones don't send your IMEI number or mobile number to websites
  2. How double opt-in works as no confirmation was given by my wife via ussd
Mybroadband needs to stop taking MTN's word that click jacking is how it happens and get MTN to demonstrate a click jacking attack including a double opt-in.

Mybroadband also needs to find out why MTN has not blacklisted wasps that abuse the system.
Thank you for this article! We had a simular one before but I think a number of people made use of this info!
Anyone else on Cell C do this? I did it on Tuesday, and since then I have stopped receiving a lot of things I would not consider to be subscription services, e.g. my FNB SMSes are no longer coming through.
So, I have previously contacted Vodacom on 135 to make sure ALL WASPS are permanently blocked. MY contract got renewed last week. Now out of the blue, I get an SMS to say that I have been subscribed to "BeFit" and unless I formally say NO, it will cost me R 7.00 a day!

How is that possible? Does it mean when a contract is renewed, all previous arrangements are cancelled?
This is just plain and simply disgusting!
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I got that exact same kack, and blocked the number. After sending STOP ALL to 31050, I got a notification that I've been unsubscribed fronlm Dragon Gaming. I went in to a Vodakunt store to block all wasps. As soon as my contract expires, I'm ditching these clowns.
What the actual vark!

We got this GPS watch for the kid last year and I bought a new SIM at PEP, only had to load R12 to it and it would last more than a month. Recently it started loosing R7 every freaking day! So I put the SIM in an old phone and do the STOP ALL to 31050 rigmarole - guess what comes back?

So who is BeFit and how did they sign up this number that no ones knows? I want to f....k them up badly.

Also to Vodacom, you are a bunch of useless c....ts because I paid R11 twice for a detailed itemised bill on this number and got nothing. 30 minutes on the phone and I finally get a support ticked logged because that service is down. No s...t.
Another internal employee driven scam going on?

Vodacom (and ALL other mobile operators) There is only ONE solution to all of this and that is a high-level PERMANENT block on ALL WASPS as is done with International Roaming.
I have lodged a complaint with ICASA on the matter. It is time that the WASP industry is completely and totally shut down!.