Story of changing to


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Sep 1, 2010
i've uncapped line with Afrihost and I made that change to few days ago. Just thought to give it a try for any better speed with their new setup before I quit them.

It the WORST HORRIBLE thing I ever done in my life. This is what would happen if you do the change.

They LOCK you up in the basement of "Internet Solutions", let you eat KFC and McDonalds for 2 days and THEN!!!!!!

They STARVE you to death, with less than 8KB/s, 24/7. At times, its even an incredible 3KB/s

you ask them, What has gone wrong with the speed?
they say, do the speed test!!!

you ask them, who is screwing you around?
they say, restart the modem!!!

When you ask them who the ***** ****** F**K, is screwing you around?
they say, its not them ANYMORE but its their mistress "Internet Solutions". With popcorn in their hands, they say "I'm sorry, we can only watch!!! Also take your money to see you getting F**k*d"!!!!!!!!

Friends, Its time now to start new campagin "Quit Afrijokes" instead of "Go Afrihost"


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Apr 23, 2008
You've already quit afrihost... You did that when you typed the "is" in your username.