Streaming alternatives to SuperSport


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May 24, 2010
Goodbye DStv — best sport-streaming alternatives

SuperSport has, for decades, been the primary source of sporting entertainment in South Africa, but there is a range of streaming services that offer an alternative option to DStv.

As lockdown restrictions lift around the world, sporting events are becoming more plentiful and now may be a good time to look at alternative options to a DStv subscription.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers - use IPTV services - 'tho I get that's not for everyone.

When folks here who don't have IPTV, or ESPN, or Sky, or F1 accounts ask for links to particular sporting events, I always tell 'em about a vip row, and a dot, and me
My Price Lock contract comes to an end August 2021. I am so glad to get rid of this over expensive, all the time repeats blood sucking leachers!! I must say that the sport coverage from all over the world is great - Premuim has just got too expensive, you can get a 100/100 uncapped fiber line for under R1000.00 per month and stream everything you want on Netflix and Youtube. Sport streaming is just a problem to acquire without a IPTV service offering sport of some kind.
I signed up to f1 TV since it came available. I said F#ck Supersport and the only thing I miss is rugby and Football. Looking for Alternatives if anyone cN recommend
Seems like everyone who ditched dstv misses something about it
Personally, I only miss the 99% uptime. It was nice to be able to just sit when the weather was clear and not worry about buffering or downtime, but when you've set up your system nicely and found a relatively good provider, the occasional drops and slight buffering is nothing when the choice of channels and VODs (same provider or not) is far superior in size and quality.

IPTV has more prerequisites but I'll admit DStv excels in ease for the price you pay fortunately, just a pity the strength ends there.
F1 TV is R75 per month. 4K streaming quality of all live F1 races, qualifying, practice. What a bargain! No VPN needed.
F1 TV is R75 per month. 4K streaming quality of all live F1 races, qualifying, practice. What a bargain! No VPN needed.
Its a good service but there's no Smart TV apps or Apple TV support.
And it doesn't support 4K as far as I know
Is there an option for motorsports covering F1, F2, FE, FW, SBK, WRC and the big US and Euro racing series?