Struggling to get connections with the Faceless Vodacom


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Jul 8, 2017
I've applied for (1) a data deal, that was available during black-Friday till the 6th of December 2018, on the 3rd December and (2) Fibre to Home on 1st December.
For the data deal, I received a call on the 15th Friday December that the product that I've applied for is no longer available, but I can choose any other product/services. I asked the store where I did submit my application (Vodacom 4U, Sandton City mall) why the product that I've applied for is not available any longer - they said no more details available and I should contact customer care for the same.
I've been trying the customer care number 135 from my vodacom prepaid, there was no option in the IVR to speak to a consultant nor option to get an application status thru the IVR.
I searched the vodacom customer care facility near me in google maps, and found one "The VodaWorld, Midrand" and drove down there today on 17th Monday December. The Consultant told me that they can't help me with the product/service that I've purchased from a different store! but can only help with the one's that I purchase from VodaWorld!
After spending more than an hour, the service manager came to address my concerns. (1) Data deal - she said that I would get a feedback on the same as soon as the Voda4U store gets back to her. (2) FTTH - try completing the customer approval through mobile (The link vodacom emailed me, after uploading the supporting information and documents, is not getting through.

For these 2 product/services, there are no consultant to help, only 135 and 0821904 to try my luck so far!