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Jun 28, 2017
Sub-Editor/Journalist - MyBroadband

We are looking for someone who can write and edit, wants to work hard, and enjoys tech.

And not in the "I am a team player, but can work well individually" or "My greatest weakness is that I care too much" kind of way that you spout in a job interview.

You really must be able to write and edit. You will be tested in the interview process, and if you do not deliver, you will not be selected.

You really must want to work hard. If you are looking for a "work-life balance" or just an 8-to-5 position, please don't apply. There is huge opportunity for growth here, but you will have to earn it.

You really must like tech. If you don't know the difference between iOS and Android, Windows and MacOS, or PS4 and PC, this job is not for you. Whether it's building a crypto-mining rig, gaming on Steam, or reading about SpaceX's Falcon Heavy every day, you must have the desire.

If you are up for this, please apply - we would love to meet you.

Apply here -