Sudden Death Syndrome on Galaxy S3


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Aug 14, 2013
So my phone is 13 months old and there it goes in the afternoon just dead. I thought okay, maybe I should try a different battery. And I did, but the phone wouldn't come on. It also didn't charge. When I searched about this I could find out as lot of S3's just died from some sort of defective chip on the motherboard. It's basically like suicide. Now i want to know firtsly if this has ever happened to anyone here?

Secondly, the obvious thing I did was take it to Vodacom, who gave the phone on contract. After a few days it was apparently at the advanced repair centre, and then I got the sms that it was back at Menlyn, Pretoria where I gave it in. The woman brought it out, "oh, it's beyond economic repair". First thing I think of is that they didn't want to replace the motherboard because it is maybe too expensive, which would explain the word 'economic'. Then I said what does that mean. She looks on the computer and says, "it's water damaged". I got so angry because the phone was never near liquid and it was working just minutes before it went dead(in the bedroom, on the bed) far from water. We had to throw a huge fit in Vodacom to get answers and I said where's the proof?? She goes to the back and "talks" to the engineer who said he'll email a pic of the "water damage", she shows me this picture of what seems to be the bottom part of a phone with white stuff on the chip or whatever it was( the photo wasn't good quality)and I thought, hell, is this even a S3 and is this even my S3. They couldn't prove it. And I was scared that they might as well dip the phone in a glass of water and say: There, it's water damaged!
So please tell me if any of you had this type of experience?