Super simple plug-and-play broadband solution for mother-in-law?


Sep 5, 2003
I am looking for a dead-easy solution for complete non-techie user for fixed broadband. I'm tending towards something that is wireless so as to avoid all the pain associated with lines, connection-fees etc.

Does anybody know of a package deal that is specifically targeted to non-technical users, is (obviously) affordable and which is an end-to-end "plug-and-play" solution? Preferably something that doesn't lock you in to long term contracts (I 100% understand that not wanting a contract will translate to up-front costs). The ideal would be something you order online, it gets delivered to your doorstep, and has three super simple steps to "getting going". The less wires the better, and the package doesn't have to be particularly high-end, 2Mbps, 10GB should be sufficient.

Oh yes ... and it needs to work the majority of the time.
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