Supermicro server, 5xGbe Intel LAN, Intel 1.74GHz Atom, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD - Sale

I once spent 2 hours at a house where I sold a GPU. Even drove there for free.

Removed the old GPU inserted my old one....

Windows booted and as no drivers were loaded. Loaded the drivers and when Windows booted we waited 15 minutes for the system to boot, it didn't.

Tried again and the Windows was still stuck on Windows boot screen.
Asked the guy to please remove all extra HDD's and the system booted. Plugged the drives in and everything was back up and running. Been a few years and no issues with him since then.

My stuff I sell works... why do I need to get soo involved?
Tell them that only close family get lifetime support for mahala :laugh:
If this guy bragged on a public forum that he will sign your number up for spam calls, and you have screenshots and proof he did this, then you can get him into a whole lot of legal trouble. He clearly had malicious intent and the POPI act clearly prohibits him from sharing your number without your consent. This may even be a criminal act.
I have a hunch, just a small hunch, that Pansy Tlaluka is just dying for someone to do just that.
The interesting confluence of events here was while I was refunding him (he did not ask for it, I was just so gatvol of the attitude) I was pestered by these calls making it very difficult for me with the in-app EFT approvals and whatnot. That is why after my proof of payment screenshot I said, "thanks for the spam calls" and he was like "what" and then another guy shared his post from carbonshyte where he said he was going to do it.

So, it is very much a concluded case that my personal information was used without consent. That sound clip I shared confirms that at least my name and number was used.

@Kiemo what would you say if I gave you a lekker dual core PC with Windows 10 on it, activated, installed on a brand new SSD and then I sommer klap in an extra R230 cash so you can buy an extra power supply for it too because you are not happy with the one it came with? :laugh: Jinne, to me that sounds like a flippen score.
While you're at it, do you perhaps have anything bigger you're giving away? Maybe a car, a 2023 model ... I have to try ;)

As for Hippo: They feed the Telesure group ( A real lot of sh1ts when it comes to marketing. I had a few run-ins with them, I suspect under similar vindictive circumstances - hallo Eric GingerGreen, jou ****!

To get off there marketing list, contact their privacy officer (use and the email address at the end of the doc) to put a block on processing and using your info in line with the ECT ACT 2002, CPA 2008 and POPI Act 2013. Briefly state their platform is used for vindictive purposes where you did not sign up or request info from them (no need for the other gory details), also asking for a conformation they have done so. Keep that safe.

If you get any calls from a Telesure member ( in future, note the details of the caller/date/time etc and do a CPA2008 complaint, making sure to include Hippo as well when you submit the complaint:
Make popcorn
Watch blowing bubbles arrive from them in emails
... go witht he flow for the rest, no stress ...

invariably it works - mission achieved. Haven't had a call from them in four years - a result.

Nvm with the car, realized I have no safe parking spot for it at night.