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Supersport streaming quality on DSTV now

Oct 2, 2012
I'd like to compare notes with other people using DSTV Now on an HD TV:

I've been experimenting with DSTV Now on a Xiaomi Mi box running Android TV and using the DSTV Now app - I have a fairly new 65 inch OLED TV and 100mbs fibre from RSAweb.

When I watch a movie on DSTV Now I find that I can discern very little or no difference between the quality of the streaming service and watching the movie on my decoder. It's similar to watching an HD movie on Netflix but not quite as good as 4K on Netflix (I subscribe to the premium Netflix service which offers 4K on some movies).

However, when I watch sports highlights (mainly rugby in my case) I find that the quality of the streaming service on DSTV now is noticeably worse than on my decoder. It is a bit variable but even at its best it's not as good as on satellite.

Theoretically you are supposed to be able to select 1080p on DSTV Now streaming and I believe that the satellite has a max resolution of 720p so DSTV Now should theoretically be able to show at a higher resolution but this does not seem to be the case in practice.

I'd like to know what experience others are having - I'm fairly sure there are no bandwidth bottlenecks in my own internet setup because I can stream 4K on Netflix and Apple TV with no issues.

Ultimately, it makes more sense to get DSTV via the internet because it is quicker and easier to use the DSTV Now app than the decoder and the streaming quality should (in theory at least) be better. Is it possible that DSTV intentionally shows sport in a lower resolution to encourage people to use their decoders for some reason?

All insights and comments are welcome.


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2010
DSTV intentionally shows sport in a lower resolution to encourage people to use their decoders for some reason.

You answered your own question.


Executive Member
Aug 12, 2010
Yeah, look, when it comes to sports, everything is beautiful and awesome and magical in the studio (or ads or anything but the actual sport footage).
The minute the sport feed starts, it's like someone hits the 480p button.

I think they do this to make sure that people don't "catch on" and then cancel their premium subscriptions to use someone else's online details.
So, Ie. they keep it intentionally worse than the actual broadcast to make sure people get annoyed and that the premium-sports-subscribers (who only subscribe because of the sports) don't cancel and go online.

I have no proof of any of this, obviously, and I may just be rambling...but goddamn it's uncanny that the picture turns from "amazing" to utter crap the minute the actual sport broadcast starts, y'know what I mean?


Executive Member
Dec 15, 2006
Watching the nigeria v iceland match. It looks rubbish on my phone. Dont wanna even know what it would look like on a tv


Expert Member
Sep 25, 2012
Just switched the football from decoder to DSTV Now (ipad connected to Apple TV).

My eyes. My goddamn eyes. :crying:


Well-Known Member
Jan 22, 2010
anyone struggle with the rugby on Sat?
i kept getting errors with the link falling over every 5-10min.


Active Member
Feb 5, 2018
I also noticed this on my mi box. Decided to re-subscrive to the compact package and was actually shocked to see the difference..