Synology DiskStation DS220+ review – a media and storage powerhouse


MyBroadband intern
Company Rep
Mar 22, 2016
Synology and MyBroadband were kind enough to let me test their DiskStation DS220+ as I was looking to replace my ageing media PC sitting in my lounge.

In truth, this was my first time using a NAS (Network Attached Storage), and despite being quite familiar with Home PC options, I admit to being a bit oblivious as to how powerful this little device is.

My first aim was to setup a Plex server for media streaming, and ideally to setup a separate drive as a document backup option for my housemates.

Putting it together

The DiskStation DS220+ is incredibly easy to assemble and it took me less than 10 minutes to insert both drives and hook the NAS up to my PC and router.

The drive bays can be accessed and removed without the use of any additional tools, with just a screwdriver required to fit the hard drives.

While Synology does have a list of hard drives that it recommends you use, I opted to just use two spare drives I had lying around and planned to change them out in case I ran into any hiccups.

However, it turns out this was unnecessary and upon booting up the device I was given the option to format them, as well as a graph showing how ‘healthy’ the devices are and how they are operating.

It is during this initial setup process that it becomes clear how powerful this little NAS is, as you are given a range of options to access it outside of the home as well as several unique format options, including one for Linux users.

You are also able to setup password-locked accounts, allowing you to share the device with roommates and family members without any fear of your precious data being accidentally deleted.

Power user

While I expected to spend some time searching up how programmes on a NAS work through a wiki, Synology helpfully directs users to several important features through a dedicated desktop.

This includes a help section which walks users through file sharing and how to access media files through their home networks. The desktop also has Synology’s equivalent of an ‘app store’ allowing users to install programmes through the click of the button.

After I setup the NAS for sharing on my home network, I was able to quickly setup my Plex Account and begin the process of phasing out my current media PC. I also setup an anti-virus and automatic backup software for my work laptop, all with a couple of clicks.

I am genuinely impressed with how easy the DiskStation DS220+ was to assemble and setup, with a much wider range of features on offer than I expected. A NAS has now gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a necessity and the DiskStation effectively replaced my media PC in an evening. I am looking forward to exploring the other features that are available – including the ability to access content outside of my home.