Synology NAS reviewers needed - You get to keep the device!

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My page ESBENDPHOTOGRAPHY . Would love a place to have as a hub for my photos, The Synology NAS device is perfect! And I will throw in a review for good measure with pictures!
Would love to try a dedicated NAS to see how it compares to the DIY solutions I have been using.
I would love to review this device :)
I have used Netgear ReadyNAS devices for years but they are now discontinued, so I am keen to see how the Synology matches up.
I'll happily review it.

For the Synology Photos part, I'll be using it to load and categorise photos of my grade 3 son's science expo (experiments with strawberries and mold, I have to take a dozen pictures every day).
As a person who was in charge of setting up and keeping up to date a shared Synology unit at my office, I have to admit falling in love with the interface, features and ease of use.

I attempted to make use of all built-in features the device offered us, even rather niche features, like the built-in wiki.
Updating was easy (scheduled and bundled for ease) and configuring the unit was utterly intuitive to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't had another chance since pre-pandemic to use it any longer since we have moved to cloud storage. I would love to try any new features Synology has added in the past three years, including the mentioned Photos feature. It sounds like it could be useful in situations where multiple users are sharing media either on the fly or for long storage sharing.

I shall temper my curiosity for the off-chance I'd be selected to test and review such a device.
I'd love to review this, I have to constantly set up my main pc to share stuff with the household and it makes it that when I have to restart my pc or anything happens like a crash in a game... let's just say people get upset lol. I'm not a photographer by trait, but I do like taking pictures of my dogs when they're being proud lol.
That sounds interesting. I've got some photos that I've been too lazy to copy to my external hard drive. It would be interesting to give it a try. I'd love to see if a NAS is truly more convenient
I have 30 TB of drives (3x10TB) but no where to put them.. Need something as well for long term storage of important family memories.. Also part of PTAWUG... #NuffSaid #NASlife
I would like to review it. I am currently using truenas at my home . Both as a media server and as n file server
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