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Take and post a photo of your work desk/office!


Honorary Master
Feb 23, 2012
So here is mine, a bit of a mess:


I design and draw timber houses for the Kiwi's and make music in between. This is basically my view for most of the day, going 10 years now.

I always turn the camera away. It just feels awkward pointed at me.... you know someone might be watching. And yes that is doom, I got it from Prophet Rabalago for the days I need energy. :p

Why don't you post a photo of your desk or if you don't have a desk,a photo of your work spot (truck, rigger, construction site etc.). Maybe also give a short description.

xxx hello there handsome xxx
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Sep 13, 2005
Varies depending on what job and where I am.
This was last week.

My 'chair' came with a vibrating function IMG_20180905_115818.jpeg