Take and post a photo of your work desk/office!


Nord of the South
Feb 23, 2012
I cleaned up my office a bit. Once the lockdown is over I'll spend some money to make it nice and build some shelves etc.

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(sorry,photo didn't stitch so well)
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As you can see a couple of things have been upgraded/ replaced.
New dell monitors. Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, filter for the mic (instead of a sock), new Audiotechnica Headphones.Mechanical keyboard. Everything runs off the MECER 2400VA when eskom or municipality cuts power.

want to get a 3rd screen. Mount the LED Panel. Wall hang the guitars. Add a shelve where the speakers are with one or two plants. Paint that brown wall something different. Get a nice enclosure for the server, router, hub. Some trunking for the cables. And a nice feature light coming from the ceiling in one corner. Want to get a set of studio monitors and a sound panel reflector or two. HD webcam. Better mic mount/boom arm. Im not happy with the printer, server and speaker on the desk in the corner. That needs to move. Get a new office chair or gaming chair.

Will probably do a 3D rendering first.
Going to add another monitor soon to match the one on the right, waiting for delivery.
Then waiting for my Ergonomic office chair to get dispatched and delivered.

Something else I would like to add to my long wishlist:



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Feb 10, 2009
The pool table has been educational for the kids. Physics, geometry, and accounting.
Next lesson, paying tax.
Does not matter if you win you will still pay tax to the man... :)