Takealot takes the fight to Amazon

Fight Amazon? Basil has a better chance of defeating the Borg IMO.
Is Takealot making a profit yet? Last I heard they weren't.....

I know Amazon had that model for a while, but just because it worked for them doesn't mean every business like that will work.
LOL, Takealot clearly doesn't realise yet that their days are numbered here in SA, just wait until Amazon rolls out, they have way more experience in e-commerce.

Currently Takealot cannot keep to delivery times, they send you incorrect items and/or don't include some items and marks the order as complete, taking your money in the process and leaving you empty handed, you then have to struggle and convince them to refund you or resend the item(s).

Amazon taking over is a good thing.
I buy an enormous amount of stuff from Takealot annually, but will move to Amazon in a moment if their service levels and pricing is good.

Already buy from Amazon whenever it makes sense - like Quest 3 headsets, higher end routers, bigger harddrives, even a monitor a while ago.
Good luck to Takealot and I hope they can tackle Amazon, but I have my doubts.
The monopoly that Amazon and Takealot is building is really bad for consumers in time, but alas what can you do when the goods come from China and goes to large monopolies directly anyway. Sidestepping middlemen that adds little to no value seems like a no-brainer.
Does this mean they are launching a video streaming service or are they starting off with the on demand cloud computing platform first?
Until Amazon offers Daily Deals and free shipping for over R500 goods I will stick with Takealot for now
Pfft...I personally bought 90% of my stuff off Amazon over the last 10 years. Better pricing (sometimes more expensive but then I'd just pay the extra cash) and it got to my house in almost the same length of time as it did from Takealot.
Best of luck...this is like bringing a fart to a gunfight.
How so? The average MyBBer isn't representative of the average South African.
Excluding large appliances, my yearly spend on Amazon is slightly more than on Takealot.

Whilst the average MyBB is not representative of the average SA, it is representative of the people who do more online shopping than those who buy at the Spaza Shop.
If Takealot just sorted their automations out and allowed each department to talk to each other they could turn a profit within a year.

The very fact you can't cancel and order and need to wait for it to be delivered to send it back because "we can't connect to that system" is the most retarded business logic I have ever seen in my life.

Then there is the complete and utter failure of that refund process.
I'd like to see both in action, and for them to compete for many years. Keeping each other on their toes. Consumers can only win when there is competition.
Walmart also needs to get its act together.