Takealot vs Makro vs Everyshop vs Loot - Online shopping prices compared


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May 4, 2012
Loot. Loot is ****.

I once bought a TV from Loot. It took ages to arrive via courier. When it arrived the box looked sketchy and it seemed like a returned model as cables were not tied, plastic trimming was bulging. We turned it on and sure enough it was damaged. We returned it for a full refund.

Bought the exact same TV from Takelaot, albeit slightly more expensive. It arrived promptly by courier. Opened the box to find it pristine. Still working great to this day.

From this experience I will never buy from Loot again. Why must I deal with possibly tampered, broken goods? If I'm buying something new, it needs to be new. But, ooh, its sLiGhtLy cHeApeR?! Big woop, if the customer service isn't there being cheap won't save you.
All shops will have hiccups. Standing stock gets damaged. It's the service you get when there's an issue and I can't complain there when it comes to Loot. The reason Takealot can give good service is because they pass the buck onto the poor 3rd party sellers. If you buy from Takealot however they will try to cheat and come up with excuses.

That is all good an well, but you do you.

For me personally, I think all companies have something hidden in their cuboards. Whether it is how they treat their staff or in what the shareholders invest in as well. If you dig deep enough you will find issues with everyone.
One one is morally clean.

I just view it now as a business transaction where I part with my hard earned money and thus I want the cheapest price, nevermind where I can find it (other than obviously stolen goods - that is where I draw the line. Other might go further or draw the line earlier).

Hell, even Nestle should not be supported for what hey did in Zimbabwe. Clover should not be supported in the Western Cape for closing their Parow factory. See where this will end up? At the end of the day it is not practical to use morality (which is fluid in any case) as your guide.

Let me re-iterate. I can't fault you on your view. You are as much entitled to that stance and it is very principled, but not everyone sees things the same.
All good points and the way I see it. I find it funny how people will not support someone making a living honestly. Naspers itself has a sketchy history where they entrenched their dominance through one sided state dealings and then used this dominance to help companies like Takealot force out other companies. Yet this is exactly the same criticism being levelled against Multichoice which isn't even owned by Naspers while giving the profiteering by network operators that could break Multichoice's dominance a free pass.

I find a lot of hypocrisy on this forum where people choose what to support based on their own interests but then want to fault others for doing the same.

Then you don't understand search.

The PRO Stamps trigrams matched very well to the search term. Using a department filter helps the user to get more specific search results.

People are quick to knock search results of bigger online stores but they don't realise the size of the catalogues they are searching. Amazon is not an exception, their search also needs users to drill down but they are however the best at getting users to subconsciously indicate what department they are looking in.
It's the other way around. A good search engine will give you contextualised results and look at the things people are actually matching to a search term and not just an unordered list of database word matches. It takes some additional coding to put together a good search engine. Not just matching words but search terms in various permutations ordered in their most likely combinations.

These search engines don't look at how many words are matched. Giving additional keywords is supposed to result in more contextualised results and not less.


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Sep 15, 2008
Well my first experience with Everyshop was positive and I saved about R4k compared what I would have paid at Makro.


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Jul 1, 2014
Other online shops might be cheeper on certain items, but they will never beat Takealot on delivery time and customer service.