Taking your own medicine


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Jun 4, 2007

Pretoria - The African National Congress (ANC) on Wednesday called on all striking public workers to resist elements that "are bent on acts of violence and intimidation".

The party said it commended the majority of strikers for their disciplined and peaceful manner in which they had engaged in the strike.

"However, we deplore the violent acts that have accompanied some protests in the past 12 days, including intimidation, assault and the destruction of property," the party said in a statement.

These actions by a few individuals undermined and detracted from the disciplined behaviour of most of the strikers.

The party urged striking workers to respect the rights of their non-striking colleagues and other people who have chosen not to participate in the strike.

The ANC reiterated its call to all parties involved in the wage talks to move swiftly to resolve the matter and address the needs of public service workers and the broader public.
ANC please tell me where did these ppl learn this behaviour, by the previous regime.... mmmmhhhhh, lets think.... by the ANC

Its difficult to swallow your own medicine.