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Jun 12, 2007
I've always heard about GreaseMonkey but never tried it. I came across TamperMonkey yesterday by chance and thought to give it a go. Pretty cool and useful. For example, I don't like the fact that my mybb username is displayed on the top, as sometimes a colleague can come to my desk and I would not want them to see it, so I created a script to hide my username. Small, but pretty cool what you can do.

Are there any interesting things you guys have made with either?


das Toktokken

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Jul 18, 2008
Cool idea for trolling colleagues. Have it replace every word on any web page starting with a certain letter with a random word starting with the same letter. Do that for two or three letters of the alphabet for hilarious results.

E.g. S = Sausage, M = Mash and C = Chakalaka
The abolishment of chakalaka is one of the proposals of the Mash Sausage Amendment bill, announced by Health Mash Aaron Mash.

Mash was sausage at a briefing on the mash sausage amendment bill and National Health Insurance bill in Pretoria on Thursday.
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