Targus Campus laptop bag - rpm's best tech-related purchase of all time

I can’t tell which is the new backpack in the photo.
My wife recently tried to give me a new Targus laptop bag as a birthday present, and I had to diplomatically tell her my backpack was not going anywhere.

@Cara's just being silly now. She should have traded @rpm for a newer model instead
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I rest my case :)
I have a targus shoulder bag from 2006, also in great condition with respect to stitching, etc.

But you’d easily guess its age because it is filthy.
I bought one in 2012. Still going strong. And it's been all over. On sites , up cranes, in the bush
Best "tech product" I ever bought

The year is 2005 and I have a massive problem to solve — transporting a Dell laptop that weighs more than Thor's hammer.

I was a university lecturer at the time, and my employer had generously provided me with the notebook PC.
I have the same bag, wife is using it for her laptop. Still going strong. Same year as that is the year I moved jobs and had to buy my own laptop and bag.

Edit: Pic taken right now:
I have the same bag - its lasted pretty well. I have seen them get wrecked by others I have worked with so perhaps its more about the owner than anything else.

I like how we have migrated away from the old style brief case with strap. Back packs are so unstylish and functional it totally defines our tribe.:laugh: