Taxis withdrawing their services until August 10 after clash with Cape law-enforcement


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Oct 15, 2005
Cape Town - South African National Taxi Council has decided to embark on a stay-away for six days starting this afternoon.

This was decided by all eight regions who gathered at the Desmond Tutu Community Hall in Makhaza, Khayelitsha.

Chairperson Mandla Hermanus said after the clash with the City’s law-enforcement the taxi industry decided to hold a meeting yesterday morning.

Before the gathering started, Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the hall and had a closed meeting with the chairpersons.


My first thought as well.... at a meeting and you're strolling around with a weapon like that.

So if the article is true around some of the impounding being for frivolous things, then I agree that those should be stopped.. but driving without plates, non road worthy vehicles or no PrDP, well nope vehicle must go to the impound lot and the city must tell the Taxi Council to go fsck themselves.
Every Uber driver in the WC

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