Teacher at elite Cape Town girls' school faces disciplinary action for slapping girl


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Apr 5, 2004

A Cape Town teacher who was seen slapping a pupil at Sans Souci Girls High School will face disciplinary action, the Western Cape Department of Education (WCED) said on Wednesday.

This comes after a recording of the altercation, which played out on Tuesday, showed an apparent verbal quarrel over a book escalating into the pupil shoving the teacher, who retaliated by striking the teenager across the face.

While the education department said it condemned the use of corporal punishment, a group of pupils at the elite school on Wednesday staged a protest in support of the teacher. They made a poster which read: "It's not about race".

Others contacted a Cape Town radio station, telling the host that the girl was a troublemaker.

The clip circulating on social media shows the teacher asking the pupil where her book is, and the girl replying that she doesn't have one.

The teacher has words with her about this and grabs her cellphone, which she has in her hand.

"You want to challenge me, my dear, you are going to get last (sic)," the teacher tells her, after putting the cellphone on her desk.

"I've been where you've been. Yes. I have three degrees – two, working on my third one. You don't even have a book in Grade 9."

The teacher refers to the school's code of conduct, holds it up and tells the pupil she knows the rules about cellphone use.

'You hit me'

The girl accuses the teacher of swearing at her, and the teacher asks her what she supposedly said. The pupil asks the teacher not to shout at her, and the teacher orders her to leave the classroom.

The girl says something inaudible; the teacher asks if she is swearing at her, and the pupil says she is.

The two have words, and the teacher returns the girl's phone before taking it back, threatening to throw it.

"Throw it ma'am. Make me," the girl says, and the teacher pulls her table back, before pushing it back into place.

The teacher insists that the pupil leave the classroom, and the girl pushes her table into the teacher's legs and gets up.

The girl then pushes the teacher with her shoulder, apparently reaching for her phone. The teacher slaps the pupil, before grabbing her by the front of her shirt.

The girl holds on to the teacher's arm and tells her, "You hit me!" and the teacher replies that she pushed and swore at her.

This teacher has way too much patience - I would have lost my blob way earlier.


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Sep 2, 2011
There are ways to deal with things like this, this was wrong from the teacher.The moment that student shoved the desk was the moment the teacher should have gone to the principal.

You are always going to have problem children in school.Teachers should know how to deal with them and not act or retaliate like that.


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Jun 25, 2010
Intimidation vs slap (corporal punishment).

I would like to see the whole picture, but I do understand that these students are pushing it and that they have minor rights. However, one disturbance is disturbing the entire classroom. Consequences, victimisation and whatnot, even the sane can be pushed into insanity.

I agree with Noxibox, but I didn’t walk in that teacher’s shoes. Composure would have been the logical choice, but do we all have composure in such a moment?


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May 21, 2018
When you get to high school, around grade 10, you should be self motivated,

I would have continued teaching and moved the girl to the back of the class. Ignore the phone, let her fail. Failure would be her best teacher.


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Jul 5, 2010
No wonder many of the youth today are so cheeky, rude and act like brats. Can't do anything to the precious snowflakes.

How the hell is a slap "corporal punishment" ? What a load of bollocks.
Observing some of my classmates made me swear to never teach. Entiled, spoiled, arrogant little shytes who didn't give a damn about school because they know they're set for life thanks to daddy? No thank you.


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Apr 5, 2004
What pisses me off is this will generate more outrage and media attention than the school teachers who shag their students for better marks.