Teen sex as old as dinosaurs


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Oct 28, 2005
Lmfao , this forum is so gay ! that article is shady and seems to condone teen sex and we all no that jay girl is a pedophile\rapist and shes definately unattractive to date a minor lmfao ! the kid aint got no vehicle hes rolling on his toes, he cant even buy her flowers or or take her on a date but she likes him the way he are :)
And once again I will need to ask you to remove that post please. If you have an opinion what holds any water, by all means, Please state/post it. Otherwise, just get yourself another forum to babble on or something. Thx :)


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Dec 8, 2007
Don't ask me to prove it. But I heard or read somewhere (Don't remember where) that a woman is at her best biological age for reproduction immediately after puberty. About 13 -14 years old. So if we were animals with no man made rules, that would be the age we start mating.