Telekom Fraud


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Mar 15, 2021
Someone opened mobile accounts on my name with Telkom aka Helkom. Since December 2020 money was deducted of my account. I've been to the Telkom branch explain to the and submitting an affidavit. The Fraud case number from Telkom that I received was 56317941. Nothing was done and monthly money still gets deducted. I then wet to Rosebank Police station and opened a fraud case against Telkom, police case number is 16/2/2021. Investigation officer is RV Magaraba. I have phoned Telkom numerous times, Ref numbers are as follows: ValenciaRantho 25/1/21 9:30
SiyabongaSibisi 29/1/2021 12:22 and NombusoMseleku 11/3/2021 12:02.
I have been reversing the money each month. Now I have Nudebt sending me messages for payment and they informed me that they need instruction from Telkom to cancel/stop. The Nu Debt ref is 505485177. I'm not getting any help from Telkom to sort this out. The next step is legal assistance by suing Telkom and hopefully claiming costs. I want to put on record how useless Telkom is and how they take money of people's account without ANY authorization. I also will be putting a complaint with the ombudsman and place a comment with Hello Peter. I urge people to please use service providers that know what customer complaints are all about and service providers that know about dealing with fraud. I can't believe Telkom is still in business. All the numbers on Google is of no help coz staff is just not competent of assisting properly. Telkom is a sad Case of affairs.


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Sep 18, 2016
Shouldn't you rather find out who gave out your bank account and id information?