Telkom 4Mpbs to 10Mbps Fibre Scam?

Farhaan Surtie

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Sep 28, 2018
For everyone who has taken a 4Mbps Unlimitedhome fibre package from Telkom have recently "benefited" from a speed to 10Mbps. The increase comes at a small price increase from R605pm to R649pm compared to the normal price of R807pm. This is according to all communication sent by Telkom to all its customers like myself. The problem with this is that you are made to believe that you are going from a 4Mbps Unlimitedhome account to a 10Mbps Unlimitedhome account where the FUP is much higher than other accounts. In actual fact you are being moved to an Unlimitedhome lite account without your knowledge. Not only is your FUP much lower, with FUP Level 3 coming in at 200GB, there is no knowledge whatsoever of this passed on to the customer.

Telkom is making theit customers believe that they are getting the same package that they signed up for with the apparent benefit of a speed increase but they are actually losing out if they are heavy internet users who might a larger family or someone who does freelance work such as photography or videography.

This is a blatant lie to all of their customers and something that has been forced onto them without any acceptance on the customers side.

According the weblink below no mention is made of a move being made to the Unlimitedhome lite account.
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