Telkom ADSL review


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Jun 13, 2006
a Friend got the awesome news yesterday that his dad will pay for ADSL to be installed at his complex.

Obviously ecstatic, he reached out to a more technical person - namely myself.

So our story begins.

Que ...
Website seems easy enough to navigate, nice and shiny even .. but that's where the fairytale ends.

Connect your home, hmm seems easy enough - let's click that !

I already know what I want (sort of)
ADSL, Uncapped, minimum 2048 synch ! YAY.
Wait, a scrolly thingie ma bob which I don't understand nicely, also it seems to be talking about mobile / wifi 3g connections ?

Ok ok, lets click up top there "At Home"

Cool ! okay, now I can pick some options "Broadband and Internet" .. seems like that's the one ?

Residential customer (yep, thats me!)
I need a Telkom line too..

Lets start with the niggles

FIRST: Address
Why on earth does this also bring up US (and other countries?) maybe look at filtering the Google MAPS API ?

Found my address !

Service "Not available"
Order new service... ? ... okay...

WHY is the website asking me all the same questions again ?

Argh, **** this - it's not working

Likes: : Seems like Telkom has hired a new website developer - nice "shiny" website layout!
Dislikes: : The ****ing website does not work, process is not thought out properly

Score out of 10: 3 (for some effort)


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Jul 24, 2006
The Telkom website is useless to do anything other than get information. That online ordering system of theirs is truly horrid.

Look on the site for what you want and then phone 10210.


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Jan 26, 2012
JA...Rather phone 10210 and order there...I placed my initial adsl order online...Typed out everything even spelled it correctly...for about 4 weeks nothing happened, so I phoned them and gave them the ref number I got via sms, and low and behold...the had the wrong address!!!!! WTF!!! Then I moved....same story...only this time I phoned the techi that installed my line the first time, gave him the ref nr and was sorted in 2 days!!!

Phone them! The online ordering system is useless!!!


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Apr 25, 2006
I ordered online, nothing happened. Picked up the phone ordered via the phone process started rolling along. Three days later I get about 9 phonecalls from Telkom with regards to the Online order I placed sigh.


Oct 15, 2012
my line was installed like 2 weeks after installation. went to direct shop.
note to cancel you need to do it over phone and not in direct shop:confused: thats what i was told by direct shop woman


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Nov 28, 2006
We went into a store to order on the Saturday and by the next Friday it was installed. Only complaint is the speed.

JC Pieters

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Sep 26, 2019
Telkom poor service
We have been struggling with Telkom alot. If it isn't our monthly statement that was over charged , its our data that runs out fast or we can't phone out from our telkom lines and this is really a nightmare to phone everytime into Telkom to resolve the problem. We have the Telkom mobile Hauwei broadband data boxes , each month we receive a total of 20GB of data. How can we use 20GB of data in 9 days???? When we phone in to telkom to find out where our data have went ,they simple tell us they can't give us a detailed report , how can you charged someone for a service and can't proof to them what they are paying for? How can our 20GB data last for a month and all of the sudden on month 3 in 9days you use 20GBs of data. This is unbelievable. We use this data for office ours only ,just to do emails and use the internet now and then , we don't download movies , watch youtube nothing. All our lines have the unlimited fixed line promotions , when suddenly our one line was charged for each and every call , because someone from telkom cancelled the unlimited fixed line on the line "accidentally". The telkom service we receive is horrible , yes if we lodge a complaint after being 30minutes on the line waiting, they call us one time and then you never hear from telkom again. This is really pathetic and absolutely not experienced anything good about telkom , and i think alot of people feels the same this is really terrible

a dissapointed customer