Telkom and Capitec bank "in bed together" over stolen R10 000.00


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Dec 14, 2006
On Friday, I had 5 x R2000 transactions debited from my bank account with the reference TELKOM SA LIMITED PRETORIA ZA. While this was happening I called Capitec and lodged a dispute.
Capitec bank is refusing to cancel the authorisation hold on my account because, as they say, the money now belongs to Telkom, and they need a "letter" from Telkom authorising Capitec Bank to cancel the hold.
Telkom tells me that I must get my bank to cancel the transaction and they cannot assist me as I am not a client of Telkom.
Anybody has ideas what I can do to get my money back?


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Apr 19, 2005
Try asking for another capitec rep to assist? One rep may be too lazy to do his/her work, whilst the other may assist you fully.

Then tell the bank you will be laying a charge of fraud at the police station. Take it from there.

After that 5x sessions at the small claims court.

And good luck.
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