Telkom and Unathorised Debit Orders - Check your bank statements!


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Jul 19, 2016
I’d like to warn everyone about Telkom. Taking money from my account which they are not authorised to do so. Didnt take out a device with them!
I have logged a complaint in May already and have been on several calls, chats, with Telkom representatives (many of them). Have logged a few complaints on HelloPeter. None if this helps this company from taking almost R600. After several complaints and their promise to stop and refund they just took another R297 from my account yesterday. I had to even give bank statements, get an affidavit and been wasting a lot of airtime on calling them. I will NEVER sign a contract with Telkom ever in the future. I will also warn as many people of their behaviour, and failure to resolve disputes, as well as failure to refund. They are only experts at taking money which is not theirs! No integrity.

I am sick of them.

Today latest feedback is that they will re log it with the fraud centre after on 17/6/16 Viyiswa Mbele already logged it to Fraud centre and said I should wait 7-14 days.
So now they buy anotehr 14 days, and probably take more money from my account at the end of the month!

I wouldnt suggest dealing with Telkom. I took out all my contracts with Cell C going forward - no issues at all! Cancelling some family and friends as well...


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Apr 11, 2006
No problems here. All the best dude. Important to read the contract and the fine print.
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