Telkom Big Deal offers 40GB LTE for R249

Eat my shorts

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Jun 9, 2018
No matter how many Operators we have and no matter how competitive the Market gets ,
The price of Mobile Data cannot be less than R2 a Gig for a return on investment no matter what happens.

However we may see more operators offering deals closer to the R5 a Gig mark on more packages as compared to the R149 a Gig and R99 a Gig.

It is definitely worth signing a 48 month contract if MTN or Vodacom offer you data under R3 a Gigabyte like what Vodacom & MTN offered not so long ago. so when the opportunity strikes sign up for it.
Still against acasa ruling, data doesn't roll over so it's pointless


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Jun 5, 2014
MTN has a better deal which means Telkom is now the second most expensive Mobile operator in SA.