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Telkom Freeme LIT bundle confusion

Apr 6, 2017
I have been topping up my prepaid internet with prepaid Freeme bundles for a few months, however I'm not sure how watching youtube effects LIT data usage.


I have noticed when watching youtube on 360 resolution (or less) using other devices connected to my LTE mifi modem that the LIT Music portion of my bundle is used, and not the LIT Video portion.

I now have a huge accumulation of LIT Video data not being used, and the smaller apportioned LIT Music is being depleted all the time, forcing me to buy new bundles.

Is this normal?


I have been having lots of secure logins being logged out all the time due to IP switching on Telkom's side. This effects APN's 'internet' and 'TelkomInternet'. This makes it impossible for me to stay logged into certain sites, and worse, some sites keep blacklisting my login because it thinks this is suspicious activity.

I have used the 'unrestricted' APN, which solves this issue, but then my LIT data is not used for 360 resolution (and less) youtube, but instead my everyday all networks data.

Can someone please explain what's going on?
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Jan 7, 2010
My previous FreeMe 2Gb expired this morning, I was able to watch Youtube and it deducted from the LIT music throughout the month. This morning I bought a FreeMe 5Gb and low and behold, the youtube once again deducted of the LIT music and not the LIT video. I spoke to Telkom and apparently what happens is that Telkom can only see you are connecting to a Google streaming service (ie either Play Music or Youtube), so it deducts the stream from the LIT Music and then once that is depleted it will start deducting from the LIT video. I suppose the same will happen with Google Play movies.
This explains why I was able to stream Youtube without depleting my 2Gb purchased Freeme data and instead using data from my LIT music.