Telkom line rental for Level 7 ADSL service


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Sep 17, 2016
Hi all,

I want to get internet access to my residence, but have no telkom line or anything installed atm. So, Level-7 an ISP in Centurion, have some pretty good ADSL prices. Do I need to have a ADSL/Telkom line for them to hook me up to their service?

Should I just drop by the nearest Telkom shop, and order a line?
Can someone point me in the right direction?
I am clueless, at this stage.

Wireless internet is a no go, the installers already surveyed, no towers in sight.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 22, 2005
Their prices are not that great and does not include the phone line rental which is a prerequisite for adsl.

My suggestion is is to order a Telkom UNLIMITEDhome package deal pick your line speed, the price you see is all inclusive.

They'll probably require ID & and a fica proof of address utility bill with your physical address on it.