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Telkom Lit - DSTV now


Well-Known Member
Jun 26, 2012
Hi All

With the World cup having started yesterday, I streamed a bit of the game and opening ceremony yesterday using DSTV Now on LiT.

I've now checked the usage, and it seems that it used up the bandwidth from Music LiT, instead of Video LiT.
If this continues, I'm pretty sure I'll soon run out of the Music Cap. Anyone else having this issue?

I have read another thread where this was happening with Youtube. This I can understand though, as both Google Play and Youtube are streaming from the "same" google servers, but dont see why there should be this issue with DSTV now.

Anyone with any advice Please?


Expert Member
Apr 18, 2007
Thats a hard one... i dont think even the telkom call centre would understand your issue.. Rather chat to telkom on facebook or twitter. they seem more clued up. atleast online you can send them screen shots