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Telkom LTE...sigh


New Member
Jan 14, 2014
I don't know if this is the right place, but i want to rant a bit about Telkom LTE. When i signed up for the LTE for home, i was amazed about the stability to such an extent that i told other people about how great it is. I had consistently down speeds of ~50 Mbps and up speeds of ~6 Mbps. This was great for me. But since the start of this year, there has been more disruptions then in the previous years. The speeds has become so unstable that like an evening tonight i can barely use my internet for what i normally would as the speed test ping is over 120ms and the down speed barely reaches 2 mbps. I have sent Telkom message over social media but it is really unacceptable just how bad the service delivery has become. I hope someone from Telkom reads this. I recently saw in the news how Telkom's mobile sales has gone up. It's strange that has. The worst part of it all is tomorrow morning when i do a speedtest again, the speeds will probably be back to "normal" the ping will be below 50ms.


Well-Known Member
May 29, 2017
Been trying to sort something out with Telkom since the 1st june holding over 30min, keeps saying all consultants are busy. Maybe they are on strike? all I know is it will be easier to switch from their network than trying to deal with them. Good luck.


Expert Member
Dec 18, 2017
The trouble for me started last week... still ongoing.
And it's not just my LTE package.. its everyone in this area that's affected. Its slow AF on my phone too, which has a prepaid Telkom Mobile SIM in it

Does anyone have any news or info about WTF is going here. I don't have the airtime to blow being on hold with them for +/- 1 hour until they answer the phone