Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix


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Jul 18, 2015
Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix Updated - with sports

I thought I would post this as I struggled so much to get my Netflix and Hulu to work with Telkom mobile and because the Hauwei B593 sold with the Telkom mobile contract does not allow you to enter DNS settings.
Firstly I use my PCs, Android phone (either on the phone or screen mirror on to my TV), Playstation, Xbox, Wii or ipad
I tried Unotelly but if it never worked for me. I dont remember why as I have moved on from Unotelly yrs ago.

Please use the following link to set up everything:
You can use it as a trial first and then subscribe so you have nothing to loose. Please use the link above so at least I can get a discount.

If sometimes you cannot connect just log in to the site above and reactivate your IP. That often happens to me if the modem is switched off and on. ( power cut usually - thanks to Eskom )

I have been told that some people are having a difficult time now with Unotelly because its being blocked in South Africa.
Mine is working fine. Simply reactivate your IP when ever there is a problem and the issue is fixed.

Once you have used the link you will be able to subscribe to Klowdtv. I tested it and I am able to watch games on my laptop even with Hulu screening.

I will update to use a static IP and get everything to work on Roku next. Still working on it. For now PS, Android phones, PCs and some smart TVs will work.

Hope this helps anyone else that was struggling like I did. I know some people have no issues with Unotelly but I had allot of problems so this is a good alternative. Like I said you can use the trial and you dont have to commit to anything.

Hope this helps
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