Telkom through Afrihost, data disappearing and throttling?


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Mar 13, 2017
Hi, I was wondering if I am the only one who's had data disappear from their LTE-A data line? This is the second time in six months that I had data disappeared and with no help from Afrihost other than telling me to install a data monitor. I mean I trust this company to actually provide a service that I am paying for, but this is now the second time this happens, and I am still waiting on the manager to call me from the 1st of October. And besides data disappearing from my line, I requested my data allocation transcript, because people with a cellphone, can't check it for themselves, and was shown that I was allocated 40 gigs, but that I have used 20 gigs on the first day of the data being allocated. :cautious:o_O Now, in the past I've monitored my data usage as I had limited data and needed to see how much I use in order to know how much I must buy for the week, and it never ever got to 20 gigs in a few hours. All my big game downloads I leave to do overnight, a small one I'll do during the day, but it's never more than 5 gigs. But as you will understand with my explanation below 20 gigs in less than 12 hours was never possible.

A side note: Why is it so difficult for Afrihost to show me my data in realtime? And why can't I dial 188 from my phone to get a data update? So many things don't make sense to me. Anyway.

I have been using Afrihost on and off. Using them for a few months and then not, because of travels. I've been back in Cape Town for almost a year now, and during that time I've been with Afrihost again for about 6-7 months.
I had a swak experience with Afrihost in the past, and so I decided to not use them and got myself a Telkom LTE-A sim from one of the Telkom shops. With that sim, I used about 1.5gbs per day, with streaming services, gaming, and working fine, but when I started using Telkom through Afrihost, ish got real!

I have moved three times in the last six months, with a Telkom LTE-A sim from Afrihost, and my speeds have dropped from not more than 4 mb download to 0, and upload speeds vary, depending on the time of the day. Now I would understand if I was living somewhere out in Bos of South Africa, but I am living in the suburbs of Cape Town, and according to their coverage map, I have always been in areas that are covered. I even asked the question one day regarding my speeds when I contacted Afrihost regarding data that's gone missing, and I was informed that they are not throttling my line, but based on my experience my data connection falls dramatically after 10:00 am, and will jump up and down straight throughout the day, staying within that 4 mb download to 0 speeds. Hence I could never use 20 gigs in less than 12 hours on any given day when it comes to using this service through Afrihost, even downloading during the offline 12 - 5 am won't give me that. I still have half of 35 gigs to download on a game, and I've been downloading it for three nights now. I've given up, as I am just tired of waiting, and I started the game, and it doesn't look that exciting. Fortnite is better.:cool:

Now I know that Telkom is not the best at what they do, but what is happening with Afrihost? Most of their support agents act like they are doing me a favour to help me solve issues, and not like I am one of their clients. I know that customer service has always been an issue in South Africa, but maybe it has something to how the customer service agents are managed, and maybe the culture at Afrihost that reeks of clients not mattering. I mean Amazon is one of, if not, the biggest companies who have customer service support as one of their main pillars, and they have a hub in Cape Town. To me, this says that South Africans can provide service, so maybe it has to do with the management and culture at Afrihost. And maybe Afrihost must take a step back and re-evaluate their structure, and the model that they are using, because if not all your clients are happy, then something must be up.

And I know many will laugh and say, "Just use Fibre." I wish it was as easy as, "Just use Fibre." People, if you didn't know, and if you are part of the group people living with and in privilege, South Africa is a vastly divided and unequal society. Dividers such as train lines, and main roads, from the privilege and the underprivileged. And those dividers play a huge role in where ISPs will go. And I even thought that that is possibly why I am getting the speeds I am getting because I live in one of the suburbs not deemed for humans to exist in, and maybe good internet speeds are not needed here, because what would we do with them, right?

I was hoping that Patrice Motsepe would be more innovative and really push 5G out to all of the underprivilege suburbs. I mean this whole thing of unemployment could be as easy as this 1 +1 = 2 simple math problem. Why aren't we learning from nations like China, and others? We are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, yet, here we are worried and stressing about LTE-A connections. :eek:o_O:rolleyes:

And with most of the areas where I can live are not covered by fibre, I must use LTE-A because there is no other solution. And for someone that works and play online, I am freaking out just a little bit, but I have decided to cancel my service with Afrihost and take that +-R800, it may only be a drop in the ocean, but a drop makes a difference, I spend monthly elsewhere, where I am not sure. If you have an idea of where I can buy internet plus customer service for R800 monthly, please let me know, thanks.

This has been my experience.