Telkom witholding technician contact details and fault progress


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Feb 12, 2020
I reported a fault on my dsl on 30-Jan-2020 and an openserv technician came to my premises to diagnose the issue on the same day.

He found an issue and said he fixed it, i should continue testing and verify.

I monitored the connection for a few days and opened another fault, because the previous one was not resolved.

I reported a new fault on 03-Feb-2020, another technician came to my premises 2 days later on the 05-Feb-2020.
He reported that they would need to replace the overhead telephone cable and that it would be done that same Friday 7-Feb-2020

I was obviously ecstatic because... you know. Isn't Telkom supposed to be utter garbage?

Come Friday the 7th-Feb-2020, the realization slowly sunk in.
No phone calls, no emails, no fault progress, no fixed cable and worst of all. no Internet!

It's been a week and i have not received any communication on the matter.

This would not have been such a huge issue, but i work from home and rely heavily on the internet to earn a salary.

I phoned telkom to get an update and/or an estimation on when the work would be done, but telkom refuses to put me in contact with the assigned technician. I then asked them to contact the assigned technician and ask him directly since he seems to be unable to respond to their "escalated" emails.

The Telkom support tech that assisted me, sent me an email and promised to have his team leader speak with me within the next hour.
I'm still waiting and apparently it is impossible to speak to the same consultant again.

This is the only info i have for the technician in question, not that it helps at all

I just want to know the exact status of my issue and when i can expect to hear from someone again, but that information is seemingly impossible to obtain by the likes of telkom. Not sure if it's a training issue or a hiring issue, either way, telkom needs to train their support technicians to be able to handle these issues or screen their recruits properly to avoid hiring incompetent people.

Openserv doesnt want to give me information either since im not an isp

Is there anything i can try that doesn't involve the popular "Hurry up and wait" course of action?

Any help is appreciated.


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Sep 17, 2019
Telkom service is notoriously bad. Telkom is also systematically discontinuing landline phones and ADSL connections in South Africa. Telkom will contact you when they are doing the discontinuations in your area. If you have alternatives for phone and/or internet connection in your area, perhaps start investigating what you could change to. There are several threads on this forum about alternatives. If you search the forums for "Telkom copper" and "VOIP" you will find several of them.


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Dec 15, 2006
Yeah make another plan. Dont rely on these useless fkers to help you, they dont care, which is why they are going under


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Feb 26, 2011
Telkom is retrenching, it's a very bad time to expect a technician or the call Centre agent to care. To make things worse Telkom doesn't mind losing ADSL customers because it gels in nicely with motivating for the job cuts by blaming it on declining fixed line customers.

They are going to frustrate you until you cancel, then try to sell you their LTE products.