Tesla cuts more staff after disappointing deliveries report

Jamie McKane

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Mar 2, 2016
Tesla cuts more staff after disappointing deliveries report

Tesla Inc. followed a disappointing deliveries report by cutting another swath of sales staff across the country, as the electric-car maker continues to pare back personnel and shift its ordering process online.

The company dismissed several dozen sales team members on Thursday in Chicago; Brooklyn, New York; and Tampa, Florida; according to people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named because the details were private.



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Jul 27, 2015
Tesla bashing is a national sport in the USA
And I can't figure out why ? one would think their technologies are planet changing / saving stuff and everyone should support them

Tesla announced 2 months ago they closing dealerships and moving to online sales

And as far as sales is concerned - every deal is cash - they haven't pulled their major ace yet - lease sales