Test your mobile speed and win great prizes worth R5,000

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Dec 4, 2018
We are giving away prizes worth R5,000, including an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, a Google Home Mini, an Amazon Echo Dot, and branded gear in our mobile network test promotion.

Here is what you must do to enter:
  • Download the MyBroadband Android Speed Test App / iPhone Speed Test App
  • Perform a speed test using the App on your mobile network (not Wi-Fi – these results do not count towards the giveaway).
  • Post your download speed, location, and network operator in this forum thread (a screen shot works well).
  • You can enter 10 times (1 entry with each speed test)
Bonus Prize
Please note that mobile data used for speed tests on your mobile network will count towards your monthly usage allowance – and these speed tests can use a lot of data when testing a high-speed network.

MTN has zero-rated the MyBroadband Speed Test App, however, which means MTN subscribers will not be charged for data used when running speed tests.

The giveaway ends on 16 August 2019.
MTN, Helderberg Rural, Somerset West
Download 76.76 mbps
Upload 19.19 mbps
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