The Accidental Mayor: Herman Mashaba and the battle for Johannesburg


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Jan 28, 2018
I quite liked the little I saw of Herman but I do some work for a big municipality and he and the DA were always on a hiding to nothing. In my view, the municipalities have been hollowed out by years of ANC cadre deployment, often using AA (and BEE) to appoint family and friends at the highest level, regardless of competency (or honesty). This I think gets replicated down the ranks so corruption is widespread. Jhb was no exception; same for Tshwane and the rest.

Now add the monetary requirement to service, for free, large numbers of informal settlements that have no planning or services and are hotbeds of anarchy; and i reckon often destroying the infrastructure they were protesting about, requiring ongoing expenditure.

The last layer is Treasury oversight requiring supposed adherence to very strict tender, BEE and community employment rules that add significant time and cost to any infrastructure. In ANC run entities these rules seem to be often ignored or circumvented.