The Apple Vision Pro will launch in February

I just realised a full 2 days lapsed & I didn't link any tweet/article/video in this thread :oops::confused:

You've dropped the ball quite badly. Quite disappointed with you. Try to improve. You're the best we have around here so try to keep the AVP hype going and by that I don't mean Alien vs Predator. Even backstreetboy had to resort to posting a Vision Pro crack article. So has anyone here purchased this goggle, if so, please show us your crack.
This bullshit where Americans can just return **** when they have buyer’s remorse I feel is the biggest reason things cost what they do.

If it wasn’t for this bullshit it would all be half the price.

Experts and various computer models factor these things in. They figured out that with this safety net they can entice people in and have more sales. It's all calculated in. Probably if there was no buyer's remorse then people would not buy the items at all even at a marginally smaller price.

Besides, Apple's whole business is built on expensive pricing. This device falls in line with that.
He doesn't sound south african at all. :/

He used to live in SA and posted hardware reviews here. His toddler son got sick with a rare genetic condition so he moved back to the US a few years ago. In his videos he is wearing Springbok shirts and caps with the SA flag on them. I think he misses this place but sadly the medical care was not advanced for his son.