The Biden administration plans to restrict semiconductor exports to Russia if it invades Ukraine


Jul 29, 2021
US considering cutting off tech supply to Russia

The Biden administration is contemplating taking control of semiconductor exports to Russia if the nation invades Ukraine, CBS News reported.

The move — similar to the approach taken by the Trump administration against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in 2020 — would prevent the nation's military and economy from advancing technologically.


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Dec 29, 2009
The strategy of USA weaponizing silicon and patents will backfire in the long run.
Might cause some pain for a few years, but in the long term it will fast track plans like Made in China 2025 plan.

Russia has a plan for weaponized USD - they basically been stocking up on billions in non USD reserves (€, ¥/Yen/Yuan, Gold, etc) in central bank.
Weaponized USD still works against small countries like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba but Russia and China no so much.
The effectiveness on small countries is reducing due to digital currencies and alternatives to SWIFT.

After WW3 it will be interesting if US is still able to weaponizing USD and Silicon after 2025 when China is mostly Silicon self sufficient.