The Fish River runs through Cradock, but the town faces a water crisis


Honorary Master
Oct 21, 2014

The Fish River flows through Cradock, but the little Eastern Cape town has been facing a water crisis since 2021. Several businesses have closed already and others may close too. The Department of Water and Sanitation blames the municipality; the municipality blames load-shedding.

The water supply is unpredictable. Sometimes water is off for days at a time, especially in the townships and high-lying areas. When GroundUp visited on 28 November, the industrial area was without water for a second day.

The chairman of the Cradock Business Forum, Wilhelm Smit, said Cradock was on a main road and depended on travellers, truck drivers and tourists. The town is on the N10 highway from Gqeberha to Upington in the Northern Cape and is also the junction of several other roads connecting Eastern Cape towns to Graaff-Reinet and the Western Cape.

“Travellers won’t stop if their basic needs are not met,” said Smit. “I am the owner of one of the filling stations, truck stop, restaurant and shops in this town. We are losing money due to the incompetence of this municipality. Truck drivers coming from mines stop to eat and wash their trucks, but without water none of their needs can be fulfilled.

“It is only a matter of time before they move their business elsewhere.”

Department of Water and Sanitation blames Chris Hani municipality, municipality blames load-shedding"

Seems Chris Hani was useless after all.

Department of Water and Sanitation blames Chris Hani municipality, municipality blames load-shedding"

Seems Chris Hani was useless after all.
In these types of scenarios, I actively support them changing these failing Municipalities names to a more 'relatable' and 'dignified' name!

"9. The financial statement audit outcomes of the municipality regressed to a disclaimer of opinion, whilst performance reporting and compliance with laws and regulations remainded (sic) the same. In particular transgressions with supply chain management regulations remain a challenge as the municipality continues to incur fruitless and wasteful expenditure.
10. The instability in administrative leadership hampered an improvement in the control environment within the municipality.
11. Basic disciplines as well as regular review of financial and performance information were not in place. There has been a lack of regular processing, reconciliations and reviews of transactions incurred during the year.
12. The municipality developed a audit action plan to address external audit findings, but the plan was not adequate as it was not addressing the root causes of the findings, and managed did not monitor the implementation of the plan in a timely manner and this resulted in recurring findings in revenue from exchange transactions and receivables from exchange transactions, irregular expenditure and water distribution losses.
13. Council has not investigated irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure as required by section 32 of the Municipal Finance Managed Act (MFMA) so as to hold those responsible accountable and recover the irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

Go find count how many larny new Merc/BMW/Audi/Jeep vehicles are driving around within the municipality and you will likely find those that have NOT been held to account for their utterly kak performance!
Well hear lots more of these stories when the momentum left by the previous regime starts running out more and more and these okes been caught with their pants down their ancles for doing nothing to justify those huge salaries.

It's the national anthem of post new dawn South Africa.