The former card counter who can’t step into South African casinos


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Okay if I was a card counter and to throw the casinos off I'd take the comped room and food. You have still made your money


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Modern casino's use 5 deck autoshufflers with Blackjack and that was when I last dealt a game over 15 years ago. Croupiers are not changed according to the play of a player. And I didn't hear of anyone being able to card count a 5 deck autoshuffler. The odds are naturally in the houses favour, no need for them to "stack" the deck.

Prior to that, in the time of the "joints", he may have had a point but now we talking 80's to mid 90's. Those were illegal shops but he makes a point in fingering a legal casino so yes, I call rubbish.


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There are some autists on reddit that will laugh at this claim.
Good luck to them. Autoshufflers work on a random seed generator. The only time a syndicate was semi successful overseas was when they obtained the seed key of a specific manufacturer for a specific model line and run. That also caused a change in seed generation technology.

It's not a straight deck or 5 deck shoe. Good luck to them if they believe otherwise.


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Knew a dude once, who was banned from Blackjack. Counter of note.
But this was back in the day, before the new tech.
There is no counting these days. Much too random what gets spat out.