The good 'ol banter thread - The fifth spliff


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Nov 16, 2012
Why am I 4th on the list?
I should be right there on the top.

Now you SHOULD be very afraid of me @ArtyLoop


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Nov 23, 2009
Im just going to leave these gems here

Please kick me out this room
Phuck you all !!!
Thought I had friends
Just saw racist naaiers
I wanna delete my account like @iamnotafreak did.

It has been a good time and all bantering with you all and we all had good laughs in the last year and a bit but I am tired of making a fun joke now and again, bwana please delete my account. Full permission given, thank you
If Bwana doesnt then please go ahead rpm

You have no idea how upset I get when i am labelled as a racist !!!!
That is a trigger

Honest to god i have now blocked all non whites on my phone and in this forum I am fedup !!!
I am not a racist and never have been