The home affairs ID hostage taker


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Aug 6, 2003
The big boss at home affairs should have been sentenced to serve alongside this guy.


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Sep 7, 2006
No one is advoating he get of with just a warning either.
I did! :D

Only slightly tounge in cheek mind you.

:p @ Tibby

5 Years. Geez thats heavy. We all know Home Affairs efficiency and their holier than thou attitude. I think the time he spent waiting for the bookie should have been taken as time served!


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Apr 2, 2006
On my way home I go to the local Steers being rather desperately hungry and thirsty having skipped breakfast and lunch and order a King Steer Burger and a large coke only to be told that their float machine is busted.

So by your reasoning I am then allowed to pull out my Glock and point it in the face of the unfortunate cashier and DEMAND that they bring me the coke or else !!!!.

If it was up to me the police SWAT team would have turned his head into a burst watermelon.
Let's help these unfortunate souls.

Tibby, please follow me slowly. You are showing us your reasoning powers. Your ability to discriminate between right and wrong.

How on earth can you compare the situations? This poor man was sent all over the place for how long by public servants. Mostly because they are totally uncapable of doing the job. This bloke was frustrated out of his mind by incompetence.

From the name civil servant they were supposed to help and assist him. It is their duty and obligation.

The Steers blokes don't owe you nothing. Not a "hello" nor a "go to hell".
If they want to help they do, they don't, they don't.

How can you even think of comparing it?


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Oct 1, 2005
Taking somebody hostage is a rather serious offence as it could have resulted in the death of innocent people.

There are other venues he could have taken to highlight his plight i.e chain himself to the door of the Dept of Home Affairs in Pretoria for example without endangering other people.

Sadly for his family he has to pay for this stupidity.
Tibby just showed he disagrees with the majority of the forum just to get lots of replies and stir things up. A troll by any other name.

He isnt moaning about the majority pale skinned african juditiary. He is not moaning about dark skinned africans getting longer sentences than pale skinned africans like he usualy would (to get a stir).
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