The Home Improvements Thread

Sep 12, 2003
imo that isnt the right replacement then, can you send it back and order from somewhere else? eg macspares or bergens
Thanks @Steamy Tom, was going to send back to Defy on Tues if I could find a correct replacement. I see there is a Bergens nearby, so will take a drive there shortly with the old one and see if they can match it (if they are open this weekend). These things always seem to happen over a holiday weekend! :)
Feb 23, 2016
Quick question. If the paving area around my pool needs to be replaced and I want to do the pool coping too (that's is still is good condition) but I want to replace anyway to match new paving , is it possible , without causing damage to pool ( or causing me to empty pool?)

Two people that came to quote say they won't replace coping as it could damage pool and every search I did on internet seems to show an empty pool. So am confused.

Reason I want to replace is that I don't like the type of coping which is flanged like in shape. I want a flat one ...