The Makro delivery message you should ignore

Aug 11, 2003
Same thing happening to me. Ordered a new washing machine and an Explora2 on 21 Nov and cannot track where my order is as it now states "Order Complete" on their website. When i called i was told it is with the courier, but they cant give me a tracking number as they do not have access to that info.

Getting really frustrated with them. Will definitely not buy anything online from them again.


Oct 29, 2010
I've ordered once from their website and will never do so again. Their delivery is an absolute joke.

The item was listed as in stock in my local PE branch. Took 5 working days to deliver.


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May 19, 2009
My online order said on the monday following black friday, Status: Order canceled. After two phone calls each makro representative said no your order is not canceled. Luckily my TV pitched up the following day. They could not explain why it said canceled. I was putting it down to a computer clitch, but really was incompetence.
Dec 7, 2018
Makro: My Black Friday order MAK1077637 STILL not delivered. Made multiple calls to Makro call centre where I have been empty promises a call back with order update, and given the runaround to contact their courier DSV who has no record of my order. Hot mess, terrible service and still no sign of my package!!
Not sure how to take my complaint further.#Makro


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Aug 7, 2003
What a disaster.

I feel sorry for the call centre and customer-facing people at Makro who have to deal with irate customers. This is a problem they can't fix.

It's a failure of management, starting at the top.

Were I affected in this way I'd write a sharp letter to the CEO and copy the Board. This kind of pathetic failure happens because they don't have their eyes on the ball, don't assign executive responsibilities correctly, fail to design and invest in appropriate processes and systems, and so on. They should be roasted.

Be nice to the poor troops who take the bullets that should go to Makro management.

If you can, take a few minutes and send a word-bomb to the boss. Tell him how outrageous it is that customers and staff have to take the pain that belongs to management. And get the damn systems and processes fixed.

Key guys:
Makro CEO Doug Jones
Massmart CEO Guy Hayward
Makro Operations Director Gert Lourens
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