The new iPhone has been released – who cares?!


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
Let me begin by saying that I am an iPhone owner, and I have been following iPhone developments from before there even was an iPhone in an average citizen’s hand – but surely we need to get a life if this is what keeps us pumped?!

How many times have we thought to ourselves how amazing our last holiday was…far away from email, ringing phones and maddening traffic? Yet we mindlessly consume the very things we so enjoy being free from just days after returning home.

So here comes the new iPhone, and yes, I have followed many blogs and I subscribe to many podcasts on the iPhone and it’s apps, but I realised today that I have had enough. is running an up to the minute feed from WWDC with both the owner and his wife feeding tiny little bits of info and speculation to many hundreds of thousands of salivating slaves of technology. Is this a glowing achievement of modern man? Even friends of mine have set the night aside to trawl the blogosphere for every snippet of info they can get from Steve Jobs’ lips.

I had planned to do much the same.

I fear though that the information that has been honoured as infotainment is showing more symptoms of being info-amusement. If the word muse means to think, mull over or comment thoughtfully on and refers to the genius of creativity, then amuse, that is, the lack of musing, is a good definition of how we have begun to behave around the swamplands of information.

It’s 17h37. Time to close down the studio, switch off the phone and disconnect myself from the temporary.
Good night!